Part 107… Part 107 Training… It’s finally here!

So, we’ve all been waiting for years to finally usher in new rules for commercial drone flight and that day finally came! On June 21st, the new rules were passed by the rules committee and published by the FAA. These new Part 107 rules will change the landscape of aviation for everyone, both manned and unmanned flight operations. Part 107 allows non-aviators to take a knowledge test and obtain an unmanned certificate to fly drones commercially. As you know, this opens the skies to potentially millions of new aviators.

AviSight Drone Academy has been working closely with the FAA to prepare ourselves for these new regulations. It has been a whirlwind of fun the past few weeks. We just concluded our first Part 107 focused course last week and it was met with great acclaim. We invited some other organizations to sit in on the course as well to validate our successes in this new focused course and they were wildly amazed; including a 25+ year veteran of the FAA that said if he could would give us “three thumbs up”. A lot of hard work has been put in by our team, especially our course designer Gary Buzel, a very well known name in the industry (holding FAA certs in ATP, CFI, CFI-I, GFI); he really is TOP NOTCH.

We offer two different courses aimed at commercial success, one is a 2-day Part 107 course that covers the basics of the FAA regulations and teaches you what you need to know for the exam in August; while the other is a 4-day drone master course that covers many things outside of just the Part 107 that will aid you in your business creation, such as a course on cinematography (taught by a Hollywood film maker) and an extensive course on Lipo battery hazards, utilization and understanding, among many other things.

Both courses teach airspace, weather updates, pre-flight inspection, all items that will appear on the knowledge test by the FAA. We also compliment our course with actual flying, inside the SouthPoint Arena, learning different moves, practical application and precision flying.

It truly was a great week, and I look forward to future classes with students with huge aspirations. It is our duty to progress this industry in the right direction and make sure people out there are flying both safe and legal. Until next time!
Part 107 Drone Training

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