NV Energy & AviSight collaborated on the power line inspection

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November 18, 2017
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NV Energy & AviSight collaborated on the power line inspection

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NV Energy, showing the potential for use of drones in dangerous work in the inspection industry, announced on Tuesday that it conducted its first power line inspection using drones from June 29-July 1.

“With continued technological advancements, drones could potentially fulfill a large portion of utility inspection needs in the future,” Mary Simmons, vice president of business development and community strategy for NV Energy, said in a statement.

NV Energy, Desert Research Institute, Drone America, AviSight and the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems collaborated on the drone power line inspection.

Chris Walach, the director of operations for unmanned aviation for NIAS, said the inspection found problems along “40 plus” miles in rural Nevada.

“We weren’t just demonstrating for the purpose of demonstrating,” Walach said. “This was a real-world test where the team actually went out and found the problems that plagued NV Energy over the last several months that traditional inspections weren’t able to find.”

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