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AviSight is the drone services company of the future. We’re hyper-horizontal: we provide services for every industry vertical. We’re systematically pioneering new applications in video capture, surveillance, robotics, and analytics. We retrofit existing technologies and combine them with our own proprietary hardware and software platform: which includes multi-sensor video, real-time HD transmission, machine-learning optimized autonomous flight, and computer vision video analysis.

These application-layer technologies are powerful and versatile, and in the years ahead, we’ll be extending the platform to support even more futuristic scenarios.


We pride ourselves on cutting edge technology, solutions and sensors to tackle complex customer requirements.


With both manned and unmanned services, we can facilitate a wide array of requirements. We are committed to working closely with you to execute as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Worldwide Qualified

Our staff is worldwide capable and prepared to offer support to any project across the globe.

FAA Part 107 Compliant

AviSight is leading drone services company – it is FAA Part 107 Compliant. As regulations continue to evolve, AviSight is committed to adapting and staying ahead of the curve.


Now, AviSight will instead fly a small airplane — a Cessna 206 — for Las Vegas police and provide them with real-time video feedback for those large-scale events… the eventual plan is to use AviSight’s drones to further streamline the process

Las Vegas Review Journal - October 2015


We offer a wide range of services that are complimented with our HD Camera modified Cessna-206 manned aircraft or our fleet of unmanned drones. If you don’t see a service offered, please contact us; our job is to find solutions and facilitate change. No job is too small and no dream is too big.

Public Safety & Aerial Surveillance

With manned and unmanned flight operations, an eye in the sky provides law enforcement, private security and event management situational awareness while leveraging high powered HD video broadcast live to Operation Centers, smart devices and cell phones. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Film Production

Drones provide the film and television industry a safe and cost effective alternative to helicopters -providing aerial shots a helicopter just can’t execute.

Industrial Survey & Inspection

For utilities, oil and the telecommunication industry, 2D/3D Modeling and Mapping and the physical inspection of powerlines, pipelines, bridges, windmills and solar panels using drones are a cost effective alternative while providing a more comprehensive analysis than manned operations.

Sports & Entertainment

Drones provide new and unique camera angles for sporting events to capture what couldn’t be captured before and provides the audience at home a whole new angle. Live HD transmission can be sent for broadcast and streamed within the venue.

Electronic News Gathering

Drones break the barrier that traditional cameras can’t providing a cost-effective eye in the sky view that changes the landscape of the event. Live HD video transmission enhances any broadcast along with high end production camera capability.

Drone Academy Training & Certification

Full service training, consultation and certification is available from our industry experts to assist you in all your commercial drone operation needs. In addition, FAA Part 107 Drone Training classes are now in session at our Drone Academy.
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Our Fleet

  • Cessna 206 wi/ CineFlex Camera
    Cessna 206 wi/ CineFlex Camera
  • Matrice 600
    Matrice 600
  • FreeFly Alta 6
    FreeFly Alta 6
  • Inspire 2
    Inspire 2
  • Inspire 1 Pro
    Inspire 1 Pro


Our Team

We bring the industry leading experts together to cover all aspects of manned and unmanned aerospace operations.


Proven Experience

Our expert pilots have thousands of hours in both manned and unmanned (drone) operations. We continue to hone our skills in flying, entertainment and production to bring a quality and safe product to our customers, anywhere in the world.


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