As the co-director of Engineering and technology, Dan Dirksen specializes in implementing new technologies and creating processes to streamline the flow of actionable data. Prior to Avisight, Dirksen has steadily grown his experience in the aerospace industry over the past 15 years as an avionics test engineer with Lockheed Martin, design engineer with Northrop Grumman,


and as engineering consultant for various emerging companies. He holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from San Jose State University.
The bulk of Dirksen’s background is in rapid prototyping, from the first iteration of an idea drawn on a napkin through the process of design evolution and testing, all the way to sustainment and engineering field service. Dirksen’s wealth of experience in multiple positions across the industry combined with his passion for the field, end to end hands-on approach and discipline in building on the basics with swift and deliberate efficiency and intelligence, allows Avisight to bring more to the top of the field faster.


/  Dan Dirksen – Director of Engineering/Tech
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